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Harvard's Hi- Innovation lab



Develop your team’s leadership, creativity and collaboration…Align your internal culture/external stakeholders to your sustainability goals…Experience design-thinking to help you find creative ways to move ahead.

We bring leadership training and team-building exercises to all types of organizations including businesses, graduate schools, institutions and non-profits.





Innovation occurs in the spaces in-between…

We get you out of your comfort zone and immerse you in new and creative ways of thinking. You will engage in a hands-on, iterative process that allows you to experience innovation and creativity. We customize our proprietary exercises for you and bring them to your location for an efficient but powerful experience.


Solar Tent

Solar Tent



Selected for Harvard Business School… Harvard Business School selected the Energy Necklace Sculpture Challenge to be a Rapid Leadership Development Exercise for all 900 First Year students in 2011 for their new FIELD curriculum, publishing two Notes using our exercise. We held the exercise simultaneously in ten Hives at the Hi – Harvard Innovation Lab – for its first use. Students engaged fully in the exercise, and the faculty team was delighted!





Solar Pond


Invited to the Hi: Harvard’s Innovation Lab in its inaugural year, spring 2012…We brought our Sculpture Challenge to the Hi as an innovation and leadership workshop for a diverse group of professionals covering a wide range of ages and fields. They were fully engaged and reported that it was a deeply satisfying and creative diversity and collaboration exercise.



9 Behavioral Styles

9 Behavioral Styles


Connective Leadership Institute™ assessments…

Susan Israel is certified by the Connective Leadership Institute™ to use their model and tools, which were developed by Professors Jean Lipman-Blumen and Harold J. Leavitt.

Behavioral assessment tools

  • Individuals Achieving Styles
  • Organizational Culture and Reward System
  • Teams/Roles/Projects
  • 360°s
  • Aspirational Goals: Individual & Organizational

Rigorously tested

  • Research: 40 years
  • Profiles tested: 35,000
  • Dissertations on CLI: 250
  • Countries: 25

We pair our creative exercises with CLI’s quantitative tools for experiential leadership training. The CLI™ analytical tools produce a visual mapping of work styles and culture to help you assess where you are, and how to get where you want to be.