SEED: Sustainability Engagement & Education w/Design for Universities and K-12

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We consult to universities and schools on Sustainability Leadership, Innovation, and STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education, and  co-curricular engagement programs.

We have brought exercises to Harvard Business School, Harvard i-Lab, Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University,  and university sustainability conferences.


Galleries of our flagship exercise, the Energy Necklace Sculpture Challenge, used at Harvard Business School.


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K-12 & Teacher Training

The Energy Necklace has been used at Newton South High School, New Bedford High School, the Mary Baker Eddy Library, and at conferences including Bioneers By the Bay, Green Schools, and YouthCan at MIT. Selected for Panama national school system (pending).




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Lesson Plans

Thanks to the Boston Foundation for Architecture for their generous support in developing out education materials.  Our lesson plans guide you through an Energy Necklace exercise. Below, see a video by Carol Ober, Director of Newton South High School Media Lab, explaining the intent of the project in detail.

To order lesson plans, project kits, bulk building materials, or submit your projects to our on-line gallery, please email us.



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Nurture a community of environmental stewards through innovative education

  • interdisciplinary learning
  • creative problem solving
  • leadership skills
  • collaboration and team work
  • bring new s
    tudents to engineering and science
  • keep art education in schools
  • serve multiple learning styles
  • exploration of renewable technology


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Culture & core values

Collaboration, curiosity, ingenuity and initiative are the core values which define the ENEP experience. Students learn how to identify their problem, work with others to seek information and answers and create original, thoughtful, solutions.





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Adaptable curriculum

Our curriculum segments can readily be incorporate into existing classes. Whenever possible, existing curricula will be used within their mandated frameworks.







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Art & design

We facilitate teaching and learning through the artistic and design process within an academic class. Art and design train students to think spatially and to learn to work with an iterative open-ended process which cultivates perseverance and flexible thinking. Through sketching, construction, and revision, students will learn how to find and develop a core concept using inspiration such as metaphor, story, and form.




Video Overview and case study by Carol Ober, as aired on New TV, public Access Cable TV