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We consult to Universities and Schools on Sustainability Leadership and STEAM Curriculum

Solar PondOur Creative Engagement campus programs engage and connect all constituencies on a campus to integrate sustainability thinking into your culture.  We bring creative exercises to your student body, faculty, administration, alumni and external stakeholders that make sustainability messaging salient, interesting and fun. We can integrate our programming into your curriculum as we did at Harvard Business School, adapting our leadership training exercise for their first year FIELD curriculum for 900 students, or we can provide a co-curricular program of activities.

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STEAM Programs, K-12 + Higher Ed: Curricular and co-curricular

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Energy Necklace Education Project: science + art = STEAM


The Energy Necklace Education Project primary and secondary school curriculum combines science and art, culminating in student-built sculptures. Our hands-on, project based curriculum addresses the complex environmental challenges we face, problem solving, collaborative learning, and an appreciation for the role aesthetics should play in engineering. The process reaches new student populations through art and multiple modes of learning. Teacher training is available to schools.



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 Overall goals

The multidisciplinary curriculum connects:

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • environmental science
  • energy science
  • sustainable living
  • sustainable buildings
  • art & design
  • marine science


The ENEP inspires, teaches and engages:

  • a global community of environmental stewards
  • project-based and hands-on learning
  • IMAG0184 (400x239)interdisciplinary learning
  • creative problem solving
  • leadership skills
  • collaboration and team work
  • new students in engineering and science
  • art education in schools
  • multiple learning styles
  • exploration of renewable technology
  • communities and businesses supporting education
  • innovative education


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Culture & core values
Leadership, collaboration, curiosity, ingenuity and initiative are the core values which define the ENEP experience. Students learn how to identify their problem, work with others to seek information and answers and create original, thoughtful, solutions.





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Leadership training in schools:
The ENEP teaches leadership, team building, innovative thinking, sustainability awareness, and environmental stewardship. The project is workshop based, and combines presentations with hands-on building exercises. We lead participants through the process of designing and building an energy sculpture model as they create another link in the energy necklace.



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Adaptable curriculum

Superior STEM education and an understanding of the challenges to our environment are critical needs in education today. Our curriculum segments can readily be incorporate into existing classes. The segments may be used in multiple grades, individually, or combined into one course. Whenever possible, existing curricula will be used and the curricula will fit into mandated frameworks.



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Hands-on learning
Researching, designing and constructing kinetic Energy Sculptures involves students in a dynamic, hands-on, learning process which reinforces learning and reaches students through multiple modes of interest and learning.




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Art & design
We facilitate teaching and learning through the artistic and design process within an academic class. Art and design train students to think spatially and to learn to work with an iterative open-ended process which cultivates perseverance and flexible thinking. Through sketching, construction, and revision, students will learn how to find and develop a core concept using inspiration such as metaphor, story, and form.




May 2011 EN class23874 (400x300)


The Energy Necklace Project connects larger communities: local, regional, national and global through mentors, workshops, speakers, sponsor organizations, annual exhibits and web tools. We will hold local and international exhibitions and festivals to foster the EN community.




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Sustainable buildings

The Energy Necklace Education Project can tie the learning process to a comprehensive effort to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our nation’s school buildings. Ideally, the sculptures will parallel school building projects to improve energy conservation and sustainable practices which ultimately will transfer school operating funds from burning fossil fuels to paying teacher salaries.




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Water, oceans, atmosphere and land are inextricably linked, and  as we face down this planetary crisis, water challenges need to be included in any climate education.



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Lesson Plans

We thank the Boston Foundation for Architecture for their generous support in developing out education materials.

Our lesson plans guide you through an Energy Necklace exercises. An introductory video by Carol Ober of Newton South High School explains the intent of the project in detail.

To order project kits, bulk building materials, posters for site backdrops, or submit your projects to our on-line gallery, please email us.


  • Video Overview and case study by Carol Ober, as aired on New TV, public Access Cable TV
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