Rising Tides/Rising Waters at Sustainable Brands Conference, San Diego, June 2015

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Conference attendees hurried past fish-banded poles on their way to register for a packed schedule of panels, workshops and plenaries filled with leaders in corporate sustainability and branding.  Rising Waters made its debut on the west coast at the Sustainable Brands Conference at Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, June 1-4.

During the breaks, speed-networking  saw business cards flashing to a backdrop of fish flashing on stems in flower beds around the terrace.

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Sustainable Brands conference


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Fish swam across the activation tent entrance and conference center windows and doors as an energized crowd hurried to take advantage of presentations by emerging companies and green products and services.

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As the four day conference unfolded, so did Rising Waters, with more fish installed daily.

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On the final evening, guests enthusiastically marked future flood lines along the beach  as they arrived at an amazing final evening beach party which has become a hallmark and social highlight of this ten year old conference.

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The following morning…yoga and bare-boarders on the beach-  conference traditions.


By the final day, brisk business meetings occupied the cafe tables surrounded by fish at the conference center entrance.

Rising Tides flowed through the conference, slowly rising through the week, and subtly reinforcing the conference’s message – we have an urgent need to reorient businesses towards sustainability measures.

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By creating more awareness of authentic sustainable business practices, and making a sustainable ethic desirable to consumers, we can create a beneficial cycle.

The advertising industry has been spectacularly successful at building a consumer culture. Now the only hope for continued survival, as businesses and as a planet, is to use that power to make sustainability more desirable than conspicuous consumption. It’s all about the message as we build a movement for climate repair and thriving.

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