German Embassy Banners Tout Renewable Energy as an Economy Booster

For the Transatlantic Climate Bridge, an initiative of the German government,  we designed these banners that promote renewable energy as a boost to the economy and jobs. The largest banner has a face cut out for a self portrait atop a wind turbine. The banners stand 7 feet tall for full impact! They were used at an open house at the German Embassy  where 10,000 people attended.

2015.banner1 GM crop web

2015.TAB banners, set up - Crop 2015. banner 1 in use - crop 2014.3.28. TCB.ENP Earthday Banner 1 small 2014.3.28. TCB.ENP Earthday Banner 2 small 2014.3.30. TCB.ENP Earthday Banner 3 small