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Energy Necklace Public Workshop

Public Art and Community Engagement

Engage and educate communities to act in more sustainable ways using public art and art-making activities. Emotional commitment precedes behavioral change, so we create that emotional connection to climate issues, alongside science data, to motivate people to conserve energy, use more renewables, reduce waste, and prepare for extreme weather events.

We partner with local agencies, non-profits, and private sector to bring public art, workshops, behavioral programs, and educational activities for mitigation and preparedness to communities.

Sponsorships: Be visible in your community…contact us to learn how you can connect to your community in a meaningful way.



Video by Brandon Lewis



 ASKCopley Sq, 2, summer

What would you ask a scientist about climate change? What do people need to know to move them to action? We decided to find out, and created  ASK. Scientists and non-scientists (you can insert your own identity) are donning the ASK pith helmet and signboards and roaming events of various types, answering questions and handing out inspiration action cards. Our data postcards show how small numbers add up to big ones when everyone conserves energy and we install solar panels and wind turbines. We found that people often feel that their actions cannot make an impact on such a huge problem, so we are here to tell people that our actions matter!



Many Thanks to the German Embassy and the Transatlantic Climate Bridge for their support!







Rising Tides



Rising Waters:  Summer 2013 -Ongoing

Rising Waters began as Rising Tides, an installation in OccupyING the Present, at HarborArts, in East Boston Shipyard and Marina. The installation marks future high tide lines with brightly colored lines on a dock that show a predicted 2’-6’ sea level rise at that site. The intention of the installation is to elicit a visceral recognition of where water will be when sea levels rise. Rising Tides has continued to evolve and grow, and now includes fresh water flooding.

sb15sd Susan Israel (37) medium (1024x683)

More about Rising Tides…






IMG_0901 (1)




Make a Missing Pet poster for an endangered species! We draw a line between animals who live indoors with us (by invitation!) and wild animals, but we need all of the biodiversity we can hold onto. Make a MISSING! pet poster of a local endangered animal or a charismatic global species. Then take it home, copy it, and become a guerrilla artist in your own neighborhood. Launched spring 2016 with Harvard Museum of Natural History and Harvard College Conservation Society at Harvard ArtsFirst and ArtWeek Boston, at Mary Baker Eddy Library vacation camp, and at the YouthCAN Summit at MIT.  We can provide you with all materials to do your own MISSING workshop, or we can bring it to you.











A companion piece of Rising Tides, Message-In-A-Bottle, this call-and-response piece encouraged reflection and dialogue about sea level rise. Message-in-A-Bottle can be used in any context, and we have brought it back in different scales and formats. Susan Israel took a turn as host at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Living Room Project by artist Lee Mingwei, and brought the bottles to an intimate setting where people left their thoughts about sea level rise. We brought it to the New England Campus Sustainability Forum at UMass as a table top exercise at a busy conference and can incorporate  it into any of your events.





2014.8.29 Trecycle small (27) (1024x576)



TReecycle wraps trees with photographs of recycling heaps taken at Save That Stuff.  I was struck with how much we waste one day when I was looking for materials, and thought about what natural resources are used in making this garbage. TReecycle has been installed at Old Frog Pond Farm, Around the Pond and Through the Woods, 2014, and Studio Without Walls along the Muddy River, Brookline in 2013. TReecycle is available for installation upon request.






2014.8.29 Trecycle small (24) (1024x576)



We curate and produce group exhibitions with sustainability themes. CrossRoads on the Fenway, 2014,and Energy Necklace at Jackson Homestead in Newton, 2013, were our group shows of outdoor installations and sculpture by New England artists.










crossroads, S.Israel photo credit  web(260)




Susan Israel’s work has been included in many group exhibitions in eastern Massachusetts, always connecting her climate change messaging with the exhibition theme. She also enjoys collaborations, and collaborated with Sculptor Peter Lipsitt on sculptures in these group shows:

Old Frog Pond Farm Sculpture Walk, Harvard, MA. Around the Pond and Through the Woods Sculpture Walk, annual fall show.

The Pingree School Flying Horse, Hamilton, MA

Studio Without Walls, Spring annual show on the Muddy River, Brookline, MA.

Artcurrent Gallery, Provincetown, MA “Tidal Pools”, summer 2013 (more…) and AMP Gallery, P’Town.

National Parks Building and Visitor Center, New Bedford, MA, summer 2013

Appearances, Provincetown Green Arts Festival, spring annual.

New Bedford Art Museum, “New Bedford Harbor in a New Light”: Bound to Rebound , a  sculpture collaboration of  Susan Israel and  Peter Lispitt, summer 2013