Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum- my day as a Living Room Host

Isabella Stewart Gardner Living Room Project – by artist Lee Mingwei

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I had the pleasure of being at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as their Living Room Project host this past Saturday! After chatting with visitors for a couple of hours, I felt once again reaffirmed that the world needs what we do!! As I heard about security staff at the museum who spend more on transportation than they get paid due to the snow-inflicted commuting problems (a net loss for hourly workers!!!), I am sure I was hearing a foreshadowing of future problems due to increasing weather extremes.IMG_2423

Hosts are invited to bring a collection, and I brought pieces of Message in a Bottle and Rising Tides, and invited people to leave their messages to the world. By the time I had left, a row of message bottles were filled! You can see them on the bookcase top behind the sofa, next to a Framingham State student writing a message.Gardner.Living Room Project (10 small) (4)

Here are all of the messages I collected:Gardner.Living Room Project (10 small) (7)

“It’s time to stop running

to listen to the needs

of our world

to think of tomorrow

and not just today”



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“I am fearful that our new Prime minister has ruined any chance we had to save the environment, and ourselves”- ┬áDavina, Australia”

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