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MAPS: Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

We are delighted to announce our newest outreach partner: MAPS. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, proposed to overrides outdated provisions in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to end all exploitation in the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle. MAPS stabilizes the melting polar ice and compels a global shift to renewable energy. […]

Rising Waters in Panama!

Rising Waters by Susan Israel, Guna Yala Installation 2017 Susan Israel installed Rising Waters on 3 islands in the Guna Yala (San Blas) archipelago in Panama, home to Guna (Kuna) people, in February 2017. For this installation, Susan used fabric stripes in colors that reference the locally handcrafted Molas, and obtained sea level rise predictions […]

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Rising Waters at the United Nations for The Ocean Conference with @UNOHRLLS

Was honored to attend part of The Ocean Conference and exhibit Rising Waters at the United Nations for UNOHRLLS: United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States. There are many solutions to climate change and restorion of our oceans, but we must act […]

Rising Tides/Rising Waters at Sustainable Brands Conference, San Diego, June 2015

  Conference attendees hurried past fish-banded poles on their way to register for a packed schedule of panels, workshops and plenaries filled with leaders in corporate sustainability and branding.  Rising Waters made its debut on the west coast at the Sustainable Brands Conference at Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, June 1-4. During the breaks, speed-networking […]

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Rising Tides/Rising Waters in Provincetown, 2015

Rising Tides/Rising Waters is installed by invitation on MacMillan Pier, the main ferry and whale watching dock, on the tallest pilings. Part of Appearances Eco-Festival and ArtWeek Boston, Rising Tides will remain installed through Labor Day. This installation uses a more conservative storm surge of 5′, although Hurricane of ’38 brought a 12′ storm surge! […]

Rising Tides on the Muddy River, May 2015

Rising Tides is installed along the Muddy River: now- May 17. Installed with the group exhibition, Seen/Not Seen, by Studio Without Walls; and part of ArtWeek Boston. Come see a riparian version of the project!  Photos by Michael Amster.

Rising Waters/Rising TIdes, ph by Mike Amster