Arrested for tagging (almost) – Rising Tides, Provincetown

Rising Tides was scheduled to be installed along Provincetown’s busiest street as part of the Eco-Festival Appearances. Curator Dorothy Palanza had received permission from the Town Manager and

Conservation Commission. However, word had not been sent to the police. When residents, angry that something was being painted on their telephone poles,  called the police,

Rising Tides red cod window sm


The irony is that the angry neighbors’ condos will be imperiled  in a storm surge like the one in blizzard of ’78 if it hits at spring high tide, flooding hte street to 5′ above streetthe day ended after two poles were painted, soon to be washed off by state police.I was not charged when it was all checked out after the holiday weekend, and these fish in Dorothy Palanza’s Gallery are the only remains of the day.

PTown Rising Tides haddock window smlevel. This flood level rises to 11′ above Street level in 2100…