We help organizations, campuses, and communities foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability engagement through art and design.

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100% of our budget goes into producing projects that fulfill the mission of empowering people to act on climate issues.

Climate Creatives is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

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Testimonials for Energy Necklace Sculpture-Building Team Workshop:

As used by Harvard Business School in its inaugural FIELD course:


We used (the) Energy Necklace exercise to help our first-year MBA students learn about exercising leadership, effective teamwork, and the fundamentals of the design process. Thestudents simultaneously enjoyed the exercise and learned from the experience. For us as faculty, it was a pleasure working with the team to tailor the exercise to our learning objectives.Susan and Kathryn were open and responsive to our needs, while helping us understand the power and potential of the exercise and how to make it work best for our students.” 

  – Prof Joshua Margolis of Harvard Business School


The Economist: Dec 3, 2011; FIELD of Dreams

“Students take turns to lead a group engaged in a project such as designing an “eco-friendly sculpture.” They learn to collaborate and to give and take feedback.”                   


“EN challenges formulaic thinking. Participants are asked to seek a solution for which there is no expected outcome. Out-of-the-box thinking takes precedent to seeking the right answer; the wrong answer may be the best solution, and is embraced without fear.”

             – Adrian Tio, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts at Univ of Mass, Dartmouth


“Susan Israel from Energy Necklace Project provided our group with a unique, custom tailored collaboration workshop that really helped our group get better acquainted. We built a team “sculpture” which allowed everyone to move out of their comfort zone and work together with ideas and partnering. We had a team assembled from around the country, and in a couple of hours we were able to bring the group closer in a fun way. I’d highly recommend it! “

–Jim Buza, Fidelity Investments


“Climate Creatives, founded and led by Susan Israel, is a wonderfully engaging, immersive experience that makes us more cognizant  more of  environmental issues, and allows us through group project activities to recognize that we as individuals and groups of people have real agency in making positive changes on pressing green issues, including climate change.
The workshop is also a powerful team-building experience suitable for academic, corporate and non profit organizations–any firm or institution that needs to accomplish its mission and goals through collective action–in essence all of us. I highly recommend the workshop. “
 -Kelly Brilliant, Executive Director, The Fenway Alliance-a consortium of 21 major cultural and academic institutions in the Fenway 


“…students learn to organize themselves to find plausible solutions using limited materials within a short time. Participants discover and practice their skills to work within “real-world” constraints to create effective designs solving complex problems. They are learning the cooperation and adaptability required to be effective contributors to 21st century society.”

-John Magnan, Sculptor; formerly: mathematician, project manager and senior executive for the National Security Agency


The project “…motivated students to work to their fullest potential…brought the class to a new level of understanding and performance…I have been marveling at the students’ engagement and excitement, the quality of their technical and artistic ideas…students were unanimous in saying that the project had been meaningful in a way they had not before experienced in school.”                                                        Carol Ober, Media Lab, Newton South High School


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